Ranking high on the search engines starts with the right on-page optimisation. I'll make sure your website looks as good to Google as it does to your customers.

Search Engine Optimisation

Blaze a trail up Google

Search engine optimisation is crucial to the success of your website.

But getting to the top pages of the search engines requires a lot of know-how, tons of perseverance and unfortunately even more patience.

That's why another major part of the service I provide is all about search engine optimisation. Google may rule the search engine world but it's still very important to submit your website to the other major search portals, along with dozens of smaller directories and link sites, all of which I can do for you.

Those efforts united to analysis of your competitors, careful keyword selection and building in code and content that attracts the search engines, will help your site rise in those all important rankings.

I don't just perform search engine optimisation for the websites I build though, I'll use my expertise for any site that needs it.

And for a guaranteed leg up to the first page of Google, I'm also well versed in Google Adwords and know the ways to maximise your exposure while helping to limit the cost.

To compete in the war of search engine optimisation does require a lot of effort, but determination, allied to some very important knowledge, can make all the difference.

Free Website Audit

Fancy a FREE website checkup?

There are lots of little things that can be wrong with a website without it appearing obvious. Unfortunately, search engines take a lot of notice of those little things and your website will be lower in the rankings because of them.
So do you know if your website has duplicate 'Title' tags or missing H1 tags? Or does it have images with no 'Alt' tags, or overlong meta 'Description' tags? Or does your website have multiple HTML and CSS validation errors?
I can quickly find out...I have the technology, and I'll provide a free report detailing whether your website does suffer from these issues.
If not, great, you got a free report and maybe you'll use my web design service or recommend me in the future. But if you see your website is affected by these problems you might just ask me to fix them for the small fee I'll charge.

website audit report 1
website audit report 2
website audit report 3
website audit report 4

What My Clients Say

" We have been working with Glenn for years now and for very good reasons. Not only has he built three creatively designed websites for us he has helped us understand the importance of SEO. Great to work with and great value. Long may it continue!"

Your competitors SEO secrets revealed

If a rival website is higher on Google, don't you want to know how they're doing it?

There are several factors why a website ranks higher than others on Google. Half the battle can be won by good coding, correct on page optimisation and unique, well written content, which in many cases is all you need to is be ahead of your rivals on Google. But for competitive sectors the other crucial factor in achieving the top positions are backlinks from other websites.
That's because Google considers backlinks (particularly from high ranked sites in your own sector) as an indicator that your service is to be valued. That the more websites link to you, the more trusted you must be and so the higher you'll appear on Google.
So if your on-page optimisation is spot-on (and if not, ask me to sort that out for you), it's likely that the main reason your rivals are beating you on Google is only because they have more of these important backlinks. But there's nothing to stop you finding out what links those are and adding a backlink of your own to those sites.
Of course the trouble is that discovering those backlinks can take lots of investigation and even more time. So ask me to do it and I provide a choice of two options. Either I can do it all by adding the links for you or just ask me for the full report of your competitors backlinks. I'll even provide an additional list of sites that they aren't on but you should be!